The GREEK SHIPPING-SHIPBROKING COMPANIES ASSOCIATION (GSSCA) is a voluntary organisation representing and promoting the interests of all shipping and shipbroking companies located in Greece (save those companies which are involved in the management and operation of ships under Greek or foreign flag).
Ιt was founded in Piraeus, on 10th June 2013, by 31 members, all being companies of Law 27/75.
The main reason of its foundation is to promote and exchange knowledge and experience among its member companies in all matters relevant to the shipping industry, commercial and civil law, tax law usage and technical issues.

Main targets of the Association:

1) The promotion of all companies involved in shipping and shipbroking industry (save those companies which manage and operate ships under Greek or foreign flag) and the further development of these companies in national, European and international level.

2) The presentation and publicization of the activities of the shipping and shipbroking companies so as to achieve a stable sustainable recognition and expansion.

3) The organization of events (educational, cultural, recreational), travels etc.

4) The scientific and professional support among its member companies.

5) The education of its member companies in matters of professional orientation (in connection with the shipping and shipbroking industry).

6 ) The advertising and publicity of the shipping and shipbroking companies (via printed material, press and social networks of all issues relevant to the activities of the Association and the shipbrokers).

7) The management “know-how” and “information” as well as its participation in research and investigation in order to promote and develop experience and right principles of shipping and shipbroking companies.

8) The communication and cooperation with other Associations of the same interests, either in national or international level, and also the collaboration with equivalent Organizations whatsoever.

9) The participation in the social dialogue with the Greek State and
European Union for further protection and promotion of the interests of the shipping and shipbroking companies, not excluding the promotion of the national interests themselves.

10) Verification of private documents and issue of relevant certificates in favour of its member companies.

11) The Social contribution to the shipping industry in general and to the Greek state.